Wrought Avown

The breeze blows on the leaves
slowly they start falling
the hues change from green
as if the sky to ground flaming

Change is coming
a rainbow confessed
to running away
with the cloud yesterday

The sun screamed in horror
at the fog and clouds that pour
higher still to the darkened sky
no one can see the light

Flames lick the ground
the sound is profound
as the heat expounds
a reaction confounds

what hell hath been wrought avown?

The wind stops blowing
the leaves don’t exist
the waves stop crashing
only sand subsists

Change etched in the rock
of a grey and faceless land
the hues have gone away
laughter has no grace

Satelites in space
scan for any trace
but carbon doesn’t speak
of anything but age

Missed you by that much
gave it all away to rust
Wished for your trust
but gave away to crust

what hell hath been wrought avown?

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