When Spoken

Nothing is guaranteed in the world no matter what you’re told
when someone says it always must be then they’re just selling something
cause there is no one dead or alive who can say what the next moment
or the last moment truly beheld, not even those who lived it
because lies are the norm of communications even if
the words were intended as truth when spoken

Anger and heresy dare trump logic and faith
unless you dare commit yourself to the path
to speak honestly to those you truly love
even if the expectation is the words will hurt
you will both be set free if you say what you mean
the words bathed in truth when spoken

but I fear the aftermath when I’m left with nothing in my hands
my mind speaking in the past and my heart left a bleeding mess
so the truth is hard to verbalize when you fear imagine
what’s coming next and knowing that reality is even worse
than what you can monkey mind or spake sublime
the words bathed in fear when spoken

all supposition and meaning combine into a fully formed work of art
when displayed your sorrow is through ever day that follows this
all emotion and logic twisted into a single recipe of hope
that one day I can finally say what I mean
unafraid of everything or how the world will look at me
look at us or look at things and imagine anything but
the truth of all these words when spoken…

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