Vehicular Mayhem and Other Fun Stuff

Well, my vehicle search has come to an end. I found a new vehicle.

My new vehicle is…
Mazda CX-7 in Brilliant Black
So far, I think it’s brilliant. 2.3 inline 4 cylinder engine… turbo charged. 244hp, 258 lbs torque. Gas mileage should fall around 18 to 20 combined (I hope!) 2008 Mazda CX-7 AWD.

It was cheaper than the Mustang, Patriot, Liberty, Nitro, and Milan.

I’m going to admit to being slightly weirded out by my own decision. Basically… well… I remember my Grandpa, and I remember he did not like the Japanese. He fought them in WW2, and I imagine him, in the faint whispery memory of a boy who remember someone from long ago, saying “How the hell could you buy something made in Hiroshima?” It’s funny the things that remind you of people, I guess. Made me remember a point about 2 years ago, when I was in the midst of the condo disaster, whereas I was standing in line at Subway and someone walked in behind me and triggered serious sense memory. My grandmother Smith had a smell… well… she liked to drink and smoke. And someone walked up behind me and smelled like my grandmother, and I darn near wheeled around thinking “What the hell?” Alas, it was not my grandmother. In any case…

The condo came out and patched up some cracks that re-occur EVERY single year. My attempts to patch these things have never held. So, I gave them a shot at it. I presume if the cracks re-appear in the next several months (like they normally would) then the condo assoc might have to consider that something is serious amiss.

Next up: AT&T will try to install U-Verse again… on the 29th.

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