Vague Expression of Barely Coherent Political Views

In this posting I will attempt to summarize my basic political views revolving around the current fiasco known as an election… I’ll start with a basic statement:

Anyone who would actually do a good job as President of the United States (POTUS) isn’t dumb enough to run for office. I blame the press for this. reality is, no one is perfect. Everyone has skeletons to dig up with enough nosy gits running around, and no one has opinions that everyone agrees with. All elections have devolved to being little more than extremely expensive PR contests…

Regardless of which, these “beauty contests” are how we decide whom makes the hard decisions, like who to blow up next, for our country.

That being said… the current crop of pathetic pretenders is summarized as follows:

Richardson (D) – I was actually into this guys rhetoric early on in the contest, until he decided he wanted to steal all the water from Michigan. Some things are sacred. Water belongs in lakes. You cannot logically complain you don’t have enough water when you’re living in a desert. If there’s not enough water for you… move out of the desert, kid.

Huckabee (R) – In this day and age… anyone foolish enough to vote for a religious minister hasn’t been paying attention. Church and State require separation. They realized this over 200 years ago, ya know? They haven’t figured this out in the middle east, where repressive regimes are backed by religion, leaving millions of people unable to express themselves. Government manages people. Religion manages souls. Why is this hard for so many people to grasp? A priest, minister, Grand Poobah or whatever can threaten your soul. A politician can threaten to kick your dog. Which one is worse? The “hidden” religious agenda turns me off (like the crosses in all his commercials). We need to elect a president: NOT an Baptist Ayatollah.

Romney (D) – Sorry. I watched “Big Love”. No. Frackin. Way. Whether you’re from Michigan or not, I can’t see myself voting for this man. I see nothing to trust or believe in.

Edwards (D) – I like some of what I hear from him. He talks about some things that I find interesting. I also think he’s trying to sell me a used Gremlin at Mercedes prices. He does not inspire any amount of trust in me.

Thompson (R) – No more actors in the White House. Please.

McCain (R) – I’m sorry, but he missed the bus in 2000. Now, I have NOTHING against old people… but McCain makes old people feel like spring chickens. I want my president to have at least a fighting chance of NOT dying of natural causes during his/her term in office. I just don’t believe McCain fits that bill.

Giuliani (R) – The martial woes are just the beginning. He apparently goes through women so fast… why would I elect a man who marries a woman, claims to be a Catholic, divorces them, and then remarries… what, 3 or 4 times? As silly as it sounds in light of my rant against Huckabee… if a man can’t be truthful to his religion, why the heck would he be truthful to a nation? No way.

Paul (R) – Probably the most common sense candidate of the bunch… except for the anti-Semitism and racism. Some of the best people I’ve known in my life are Jewish or black or both… and if you aren’t down with that, you aren’t getting my vote.

Clinton (D) – Admitting this now: My opinion is that Bill Clinton was the best president in the time I’ve been alive (meaning from Nixon to Dubbya). It’s not even close. Reagan’s probably a mid-pack second. So… I’m intrigued to know if some of Bill’s magic rubs off on Hillary. She’s still in play. I haven’t counted her out. But I can’t say she gets my vote because…

Obama (D) – Appears to be the best and most solid candidate of the bunch. Good ideas, and great charisma. An Anti-Dubbya. An escape from a Bush/Clinton sandwich. However, he’s dragging a boat anchor named Oprah, and I consider it to be a probable sign of weakness if he feels he has to use Oprah to attract white yuppie women to vote for him. Never the less, I actually believe he’ll help reverse some of the damage to liberty and justice that Dubbya has inflicted during his reign of terror.

That being said… What I really want is for ONE candidate to tell ME why I should vote for THEM. One candidate to convince me that they want to help PEOPLE and not enjoy the POWER. I do NOT care what their opinions are of their opponents. I do not care if they have pictures of their opponents enjoying a hamster with Richard Gere. Just tell me what YOU do best and WHY you think you’re the RIGHT person for the job. Is that really so much to ask for? And PLEASE stop playing to the cameras, and start playing to the voters… because cameras don’t vote, and do little but make you look fat and dumb (Cameras add 10 lbs, and decrease IQ 25 points on average).

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