Vacation – August 2011 – The Civil War Battlefields

This past week, I’ve been on a big driving tour with my Dad. We went on a tour of Civil War Battlefields. Below, I will attempt to justify the enormity of this undertaking…

We started on Sunday. We left my place at 7:15am towards Fredericksburg, VA. 567 Miles. A blast through Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Maryland and finally into Virginia, while avoiding DC roads at all costs. We arrived in Fredericksburg, VA around 6pm.

We were able to go over to the F’burg Battlefield/Cemetery that evening. It is astounding, really. It’s stunning that anyone, in any time, would be that stubborn, would be that stupid, to attempt to attack like that. There’s no logical way to win a front on attack on that hill with the weapons of that time. My friend Al sent me this in regards to what F’burg was perceived as:

Last of all, brave Burnside, with his pontoon bridges tried
a road no one had thought of before him
With two-hundred thousand men for the Rebel slaughter pen
and the blessed Union flag waving o’er him
But he met a fire-like hell of canister and shell
which mowed down his men with great slaughter
’twas a shocking sight to view, that second Waterloo
and the river ran with more blood than water
Pull off your overcoat and roll up your sleeves, Rappahannock is a hard road to travel
Burnside got in a trap that caused him for to grieve, Richmond is a hard road to travel, I believe.

Second Waterloo, indeed.

That evening, we ate at a place called Captain D’s. Place looks like it used to be a Long John Silver’s, but the food was much better. Stuffed crabs, excellent fish with GREAT tartar sauce, and really good shrimp. Killer sweet tea, too.

Now, Monday was the first true day of our tour. We awoke bright and early and ate the “warm hotel breakfast” we’d have on every day of our trip: Eggs, Bacon/Sausage, OJ and out the door. We arrived back at the F’burg site around 9am. Went thru the museum, which was really cool. I regret to say that I did not act my age and Rick Roll’d on the visitor sign up sheet (yes, wrote down… DO NOT GO THERE unless you’re ready to reboot your computer, m’kay?)

We were able to walk all over. A HUGE cemetery, filled with the dead from all the battles in the area… This is more than just a single battle cemetery. F’burg, Chancellorsville, Spotsylvania and Wilderness are all treated as one park.

Images start here… there’s only 25 from the first day. I was too busy LOOKING to take pictures. Sorry.

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