Updates on Life

Well, I had to update this site to a new version of WordPress. Silly ISP… WP upgraded out of the old version of MySQL, so I had to do a complete changeover… but luckily, it was fairly simple.

I can’t say the same for the rest of my life lately. Everything is very complicated. Work. Home. Private. Everything.

I have a new cat on the premises. Her name is Vanessa. Nessie. Messy Nessy. She’s not very fond of me or Fargo yet, alas. She’s hiding under the bed, but I managed to get a few snap shots of her. She’s very pretty. Seems to be going well, really. She saw me last night about 4:30am and freaked out as I went to the bathroom. Alas…

nessa hiding under the bed.

That’s the least confusing and difficult portion of my life lately.

I’m still adapting to not having my Mom around. She always knew what to do. What to say, especially in terms of getting my mind in order.¬† I could so use her guidance now… so many things in my head, and they’re all just rambling around aimlessly.

As some folks may have gathered, I’ve started dating. I’m dating an incredibly wonderful woman. I can’t believe how much I’ve fallen for her. I’ve never had a women look at me like she does. or talk to me like she does. I’m probably falling in love, at least, I think this may be, but having never done so before… I’m hoping its one of those things that you know it when you see (feel) it. I’ve been dating her for over a month now. For the first date, I took her to the Matthaei Botanical Gardens and Nichols Arboretum and we kissed on a bench… holy wow. I was hooked..

But… it’s complicated, man.

And work.. <sigh> what can I say there? We’re buried under the Novi-a-lanche. Nothing feels “normal” at work of late. There is no normal. I completed shepherding a massive, expensive RFID project… over a year in the making. I should be thrilled, but… I didn’t have time to be thrilled. I mean, it’s working the way it should. “Its gone so much better than I thought it would” and “RFID has really saved us. I don’t think we would have survived without it.” We had an incredibly successful¬† Battle of the Books. Every year it gets better. WE get better at it. The kids LOVE the competition. I set the table, make everything work… and then get to spend the competition banging a gong (which was a HUGE hit, pun intended).

But now look where things are… we’re in a huge hole… and I’m pulling more projects through. Last year was one project on top of another. This year it looks even more so. I have to finish “everything” this year because we probably will have no money next year. File Servers, Backup systems, Domain servers, firewalls, workstation upgrades and replacements… OS upgrades? Good lord… Will I have a job next year? Will my co-workers? How much will it destroy our morale? If I lost my job, would I lose myself? I’ve worked for so long… its my identity right now. I have no idea how I could recover… especially in this economy. I’m worried…

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