Update on Adjustments

I feel kind of guilty complaining. I mean, my adjustments are mostly monetary.

First, I’ve scheduled my cable (BrightHouse) to be replaced with AT&T U-Verse. AT&T’s service (U300) provides 260 channels + 3MB/1.5MB DSL service. That would save me $35/mo.

Then, I dropped my gym membership (Goodbye again, Lifetime Fitness). I’ll miss that even if I wasn’t going that much because it is SO nice to go into a gym at 11pm, take a swim, and not fight through people. That’s $60/mo.

So, I’ve saved myself $95/mo, right? Even at the bottom end, TLN was paying me $140/mo. So.. I need to find another $45/mo or so to even things out. My plan to gain this and a bit more is to trade in my beloved Jeep. I’m hoping I can save about $100/mo by doing this. That would mean I’ll have knocked $200/mo off my expenses, which is about 3/4’s of the way to covering the loss of TLN income for me.

Now, I’ve complained about the gas mileage of my Jeep… BUT NOT THE WAY IT DRIVES. My Jeep Liberty Renegade is a SNOWMOBILE. It will go through deep mud, deep snow, and whatever the heck I’ve thrown at it without too much complaint (even though it DID require service after Charlie and I went mudding in it… which wasn’t a problem because throwing mud 50 feet in the air is a freakin’ riot!). It drives like a tank, if a bit rough. It’s a truck, and it fits me very well. I will miss my Jeep greatly, but it costs too much and gets terrible gas mileage.

Anyhow, I was at the Auto Show with Chris and my Dad on Sunday. We were basically car shopping. At this point, I’m looking at setting up test drives on the following vehicles:
Jeep Patriot
Ford Mustang or Edge (Lease only)
Volkswagen Rabbit

If none of those pan out with pricing, my alternates are:
Chevy HHR
Scion xB

Chris and I sat in a VW GT and Rabbit… and they’re both just sweet cars. I like the GTI interior better, and the front styling better, but the turbo charged engine adds way too much to the price.

The Patriot is larger than I thought, and the gas mileage is acceptable. The price is also good. I cracked up at sitting in one with CRANK WINDOWS.

I wanted to sit in a Mustang, but they only had 3 Mustangs on the floor. This pissed me off. However, I assume this is the last chance I’ll have to own a car like a Mustang before it becomes a mid-life crisis. I just love the way the new Mustangs look. If I can fit in one, and get a lease for $270 or so… it just may well happen. I’m pessimistic on this happening, however.

The HHR looks awesome, but it had poor shoulder room. I looked at an HHR SS at the show, and the interior is absolutely lovely. I’ll look at one in the dealership to see if it was just the big leather jacket I had on at the Auto Show.

The Scion xB is just weird and very very nice inside. Roomy for it’s size. I wouldn’t have a problem driving this.

So I guess this is part of “looking on the bright side of things”. My TLN chapter is being closed, so I have to start a new book.

I’m going to email all the director’s I’ve worked with and let them know I’m now available to do work for them. Angie pretty much told me to do this, so I won’t disappoint and NOT do this. I’m sure they’d rather I do this for them because Derek hates HTML, and I think in HTML sometimes. I’m thinking in HTML right now!

I do not have to avoid advertising my services to TLN member libraries anymore. This was a requirement while I worked with them. Only “personal approach” was acceptable. I could not advertise in any fashion to the Libraries. Well… now I can.

I’m working on learning how to use Joomla better, and I’m hoping to translate that skill set into another one of the skills I can market to libraries and businesses. It’s time to show some confidence in my own capabilities, and step outside of the safe little box that TLN provided me and do real business. I have a whole bunch of gee whiz in my trunk I haven’t been able to use yet, so keep an eye out for that…

At least I think that’s the bright side, but it doesn’t make it any scarier… truth is, as long as I got some kind of regular cost of living adjustment, I’m pretty sure I could have worked the NDL/TLN arrangement the rest of my life. It’s not that I’m not looking for more in life: I’ve just grown very comfortable with what my life was professionally.

I resolve not to sit here and think “If Only”. I think I wrote a long time ago, well before I was even remotely wise, that “Nothing breaks a heart like if only”. So I resolve to think it positive terms. The glass is not half empty. The glass isn’t even half full. The glass is on it’s way to being full of exactly what I want.

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