Top Gear

I’ve come to the conclusion that one of my favorite shows on TV right now does NOT originate from the United States. Instead, I’ve become quite fond of “Top Gear”, which is produced by the BBC and rebroadcast in the US on BBCA (BBC America).

The hosts are just freakin’ hilarious. They get to drive some of the coolest cars in the world, and get involved in some of the goofiest, most ridiculous shenanigans possible. I would love to be “Star in a Moderately Priced Car”, even though I can’t drive a stick worth a damn.

The rips on the “Stig” every episode are usually extremely creative. “Our tame race car driver. Some say his testicles have their own micro gravity field. All we know is that’s he’s called.. the Stig”.

I may not agree with their anti-Americanism. The episode in which they tried to drive from Miami to New Orleans is hilarious both in how misbegotten their opinions are as it is for the ridiculouslness they engage in (they had to eat roadkill and then try to get hillbillies in Alabama to attack them… which they did quite well.)

I think I’ve already said I’d like to be a Mythbuster, cause that’s a job that just would RULE. But being a host on Top Gear has got to be a close second.

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