Too many changes

Too many changes in my life, man. I got fired from TLN, thereby losing a job I’d held for almost 12 years.

Thus, I was forced to make changes. I have to change my cable TV. I had to change my car.  I had to drop my gym membership. Who knows what other changes I’ll have to make?

Now, I’ve lost MC Web Design, the company me and Charlie ran since late 1997. 11 years of work. Unfortunately, it’s so lean right now business wise, and Charlie’s so busy with work and family, it just wasn’t in the cards to continue.

So, I guess the saying is… it doesn’t matter how many times you get knocked down. It matters how many times you get up.

So I’ll answer the bell again and work on forming another company.  I’ll form a new bank account for my new company, get cards printed up, and convince people that they need me to do work for them. Argh.

I realize none of these are “major”, really. But these events are just changes to things that I have grown to rely upon. Like knowing I could always help TLN with anything they need. Like I know I could always get side jobs and work with Charlie. These are changes, and I have to adjust to them.

Not all changes are bad… I’m rather liking the idea of being an uncle. I don’t see Tima enough. I like my new Mazda CX-7 quite a lot. We’ll see how I like my new Uverse cable… and we’ll see what I can do with my new company. I guess it’s all vaguely exciting. It’s just different, ya know?

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