this time is the only time

this time is the only time that ever happened in all the time before
which didn’t result in the failure of comprehending what actually happened
whenceupon the moment did she spake of the past and the future
a meaningless conjecture of wishful thinking and forgoing sight

without a doubt the only time this ever happened in all of time before
which didn’t result in confusion and panic spread amongst the poor saps
who lack the common sense and common courtesy to step aside and say
way way way over my head you’re going today

I bent my ear unto the ground to hear the rumble and the pound
I see the grains of sand begin the shiver and shake
I lift my head to look yonder the horizons fate
I open my eyes ever so wide with acknowledgement and steps to take

Gulp it down and move your feet cause running is the only way to beat
you can move fast enough till they’re on you like the sunlight
hide in the shade, I dare ya, it won’t help for long cause they’re find ya
and you’ll collapse unto a heap of defeat when you realize the real demon

this time is the only time that ever happened in all the time before
which did result in understanding but didn’t result in a plan of action
it hurts too much to think about it anymore I want to stop and dull my brain
but I’m too logical to go that way so inside myself the pain does keep

when I snarl you know I weep
when I growl you know I’m weak
when I run away you know I’m breaking
but for when I stand there silently…

this time is the only time that ever happened in all the time before
oncoming the traffic would plow me down but all is siezed
my mind my body my soul my being cannot move or plan to move
cause I’m rooted on this spot is fear and suffering

Plow my down take me out lend me pain it’s better than imagining another moment
alone in the dark floundering and festing my hands reaching my eyes they bleed
or walk away from my eyes weeping my soul seeping my mind bleeping
it’s not unfeeling but overwhelmingly the way it seems if not for you nor then for me

this time isn’t the only time my words my actions are undefined
only the mind of I does know what these words mean
apply your logic and your crime pretend you know what is mine
or just ask me nicely cause I will never lie or make you cry

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