The Way I Feel

I used to think it was all clean
colored inside the lines
in easily identified
hues and shades

I think we’d all like to believe
still a child can we be
as adults with responsibilities
but only a fool dares such things

I’d rather go outside and play
than sit here and stare at this screen
I’d rather run around screaming
but I’d be committed as insane

Yet nothing could be more right to me
than walking away from all these things
cause I recognize
it’s crazy to work all the time

I might be good at what I do
but it’s breaking my heart
making me spend my time
so far away from you

The only way I’d be happy
is I could walk away from all these things
and I could walk a long long way
down a long long highway

and I could walk up that road
and I could knock upon your door
and I could smile and say hello
and I could lay my head on your shoulder

and we could dance like we’re meant to dance
and we could play outside today
and forget all this responsibility
just be ourselves for one more day

I used to think it was all so clean
but reality is so messy
mostly outside the lines
without reason or rhyme

and all the things I wish we could be
are complicated and painful to see
cause reality is responsibility
and we’ll never grow up to be

everything we wanted to be
look at me I still can’t sing
or dance worth a lick
I can’t throw a ball 100 miles an hour

and you can’t let yourself
be in love with me
cause you got complications
you got responsibilities

and I love those things
I love the way you fight
and I love the way you don’t give up
and I can’t stop the way I feel

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