The Hellhole Returns: Part 2

So… the Condo Association finally resided my condo, but at what price?

Let me start by describing Bloody Monday…

At work, I was putting a fan in my server room because the AC is not functioning in there. The Server Room was a dry sauna, and I suspect temperatures around 95 to 100. So, I propped the door wide open and put a fan down there. As I walked by the entrance to the equipment room (my server room is in “concrete bunker” located next to the HVAC units) a ladder fell off the wall, fell across the aisle and slammed into a refrigerant line on the AC unit. Thusly, I was blasted with Freon. It was a glancing blow pretty much at my face. I ran upstairs to informed the Admin Asst (Judith) that we had a major problem and needed the Heating/Cooling guys here immediately… went back downstairs, showed the mess to Judith and the Janitor from Allied. They went back upstairs. I walked around the computers to try and calm down. By this point I was scared shitless and my heart was beating llike a jackrabbit. I went back into the equipment room and there was a huge cloud in the room. The Freon had filled the room up. So I put my shirt over my face and went through the room to open the doors outside (so the room would vent). I then ran upstairs (heart beating like hamster) and told her that we may want the fire department to check this out because the room had filled with a cloud.

Then, I went downstairs and checked on my email and found I had an “Urgent!” notice from the Condo Association stating “Water is pouring out of your house. You need to come to the clubhouse immediately!”

Naturally… I bolted out the door, drove way too fast through Downtown Northville and left a little rubber behind all over the city, walk in the house and find there’s water in my kitchen. After a few plumbers showed up, and a guy from the condo association, they found… the siders had put a NAIL through a HOT WATER PIPE in my kitchen. They drove a nail through the outside wall and it just flat out perfectly, dead center pierced the pipe.

Pictures of the devastation are below:

Not only have I had problems with more water leaks, they’ve also blown fuses in my house about 5 times over the course of almost 3 weeks of re-siding project. My Stove Hood no longer functions, meaning I have to bring an electrician in… and I’m hoping the stove hood isn’t blown.

I do not know when they will fix my kitchen. Supposedly next week. Until then, there’s a huge gaping hole in my kitchen… I had to move Fargo out of the condo because I cannot risk him getting into that hole and getting stuck in the walls or the attic. Thus, because I’m such a sap, I’ve spent the last week at my parents house.

To top ALL of this off.. at some point on Monday, I chipped or cracked a tooth (third molar from the back on the lower right). ARGH!

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