The Hellhole NEVER ends

It never EVER ends… it never goes away…

The pain the pain the pain.

I came home from my parents house on Wednesday night, and found that they had finally finished painting the front door. Of course, they did this COMPLETELY WITHOUT PERMISSION… which means they opened my door, and went into my house WITHOUT PERMISSION.

I quickly realized I could NOT FIND MY CAT (FARGO)! I became extremely upset, went into a little hyperspaz, quick breathing thing with adrenaline smashing into me… I was freaking out. I ran out the front door, expecting to be spending the next few hours running around the area screaming “FARGO!” and turned around… and there was Fargo, hiding under the porch steps.

Pathetic or not, I almost cried in my freaked out state. I grabbed Fargo, who was perfectly content to be picked up outside (and the last time I picked him up after he escaped at my parents, I bled). He was shaking, and clearly freaked out of his fur. I got him inside, and he looked up at me and meowed. I just sat down and breathed for a little bit… then composed a lovely complaint to the condo association. I considered going to the Police station and filing a B&E report, but I knew the condo assoc probably felt I’d given them permission to enter by asking them to finish the damn painting…

I am now completely, totally, illogically, ridiculously fed up. I have been entirely professional and extremely patient in dealing with all this stuff this summer. My entire summer is a series of screw ups by the condo association… they put holes in my water pipes, the put nails in my electrical and refuse to fix it, they spend over 2 months fixing the holes in the wall that shouldn’t have taken more than a week to do… and they spent almost a month putting aluminum siding on a place that’s barely 950 sq ft! I pay $250/mo for THIS?????

I don’t know what to do now. I feel so completely lost and confused… and completely without any way to defend myself. I have to sit here and take this. THEY BROKE INTO MY HOUSE, DAMMIT! I just changed the locks on my house as a result of this situation. I see no need to allow them any access into my home if they won’t even admit they entered without permission or emergency. They completely side stepped when I pointed out no one had asked to enter my house yesterday… and told me the Supervisor for the painters would be at my house to investigate the issue BUT SAID SUPERVISOR NEVER SHOWED UP… I have no legal recourse, do I? These people have the right to stomp all over me because… what? Why? I don’t get it. I am SO unhappy with this place right now, and it has nothing to do with the “condo” itself and EVERYTHING to do with the complete and total failure of the Management Company to TREAT ME LIKE A HUMAN BEING, deserving of timely service and respect. If I treated people like this… my boss would fire my ass so fast, my ass would fall off.

Why is it so hard to be treated with respect? Why the hell is ANYONE allowed to run a business like this? Is it just ME? Am I doing something wrong that causes them to treat me like this? Is there something about me being patient and professional that immediately causes them to treat me in the exact opposite fashion? What am I doing wrong? Should I even be asking myself that question? Is it really so horrible to contact me and say “Hi, we’re going to paint your door today at 3pm.” Well, of course it is… I’m DEAF and it’s SO FREAKING HARD to CALL MY WORK to LEAVE A MESSAGE!??!?! OR EVEN AN EMAIL! My GOSH, it’s SOoOOooO hard!

I’m totally, utterly confused. This summer doesn’t even make sense in reality… my sense of reality is turning upside down and inside out. It’s like… why should I even bother to be nice to anyone anymore? Obviously, nice guys DO finish last, and nice guys get treated like crap, stomped on, and used as toilet paper. Having said all this…I don’t think I can change that part of me. I’m always going to be nice… which apparently means that people will always be kicking me and using me as their own personal lavatory. And that’s just not right. Doesn’t anyone care about what’s RIGHT anymore?

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