The first sample of light

When the first light of day washes it’s harsh glare unto my eyes, the thought I have is of you.
The harsh light fades to a corona, and the warmth flushes through my veins.
The bloom is not yet of the rose when I feel the longing and absence, as I look to my side,
a blank canvas spanning the time between the vast empty moment
and the end of what seems eternity that you walk into the room
my eyes swing to you, and a gravitate towards you
I can’t help but make idle chit chat
and I can’t get closer to you
I can’t burn up in the atmosphere with you
because we’re grown ups with self control
and longings than shine brighter, hotter,
madder and wilder than anything I’ve ever experienced.

I feel like a lost, wandering child
insane in the moments away from you

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