The Ends of Zorg

(Preface: This is a poem I wrote a very long time ago, and for reasons unknown the majority or it suddenly¬† burst forth through my frontal lobe like the Koolaid Man today as I thought “Hey, it’s poetry month”. So I’ll see what I can remember and redo from my historical cache of “poetry” but this one is obviously song lyrics without music or rhyme. The point of view seems skewed, but it’s purposeful.)


I don’t know why they’d try to say
there’s nothing left to be
say goodbye now to the world
turn about and walk
to the ends of the earth
keep on going and going and going
till you fall

As you fall look at us all
we’re not waving goodbye

Just a speck in the dark now
why are you breathing
shouldn’t you be dying
instead of still falling
tumbling onwards
your bearings fade away
and you can’t tell from where
you’ve been falling

As you look around for us
you’re not finding anyone

You scream outloud
but there’s no one around
and sound doesn’t travel
in the absense of air
so your wide open mouth
swallows nothing but the cosmic rays
spurting out from all the stars
that don’t care who you are

As you look around for anyone
you realize this could be fun

I’m a satellite in space
hurtling through the cosmos
if I’m lucky gravity takes hold
and sucks me down until
I burn up in the atmosphere
the first time I’ve felt warmth in years
My skin flakes off and my lips melt away
but my smile’s a star shining

As I look around
I can see the ground

Never seen ground like that before
it’s coming up faster than I can hear
the screams from below
it sounds just like the ones I left
behind so long ago
go away go away
they catch my body falling
and take me to the ends of Zorg
and throw me out some more

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