The day before…

Okay, tomorrow my state has the Republican primary… and I have some serious questions to ask, and some insight…. take as you wish.

1. What the flipping hell am I, as a tax payer, paying for the election of the leader of a private club for? That’s what the “parties” amount to. If I have to declare as a Republican, or Democrat, to participate… why the hell is MY money being used? I’m Independent, and proud to be (i.e. I’m capable of making up my own mind without the aide of the all powerful hive mind.) It disgusts me that tax dollars are used for primary elections. (CORRECTION: it appears I was incorrect. You do not declare yourself for either party. You simple state “I want a Democratic Ballot” or “I want a Republican ballot”. My point on hating the dual party system is still valid 😉

2. More to the point… What exactly are they hoping to prove or determine with primary elections? Independents, or Democrats can’t participate so… you’re finding out who’s the most popular among JUST your friends, and then sending that guy out to the wolves? That makes NO sense at all.

The 2 party system is UNAMERICAN. It treats EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US as part of a hive mind, too stupid to think for ourselves, too stupid to compromise for ourselves, and too stupid to decide. You wanna vote in a primary? Elect which of your friends should be the boss? You do that. That’s YOUR problem. I don’t feel like paying for it. I’ll pay for health care, tho.

Let’s also muse upon the way candidates run these days… they tend to tell you, rather rudely, how much their opponents ass sucks canal water. How awful their opponents views on this or that are… and almost never about WHY you should vote for THEM.

I do not care what your opinion of your opponent is. You have too much vested interest in getting yourself elected for your opinion of your opponent to hold any amount of importance or weight. It tells me more about YOU when the only thing you can say is “he’s going to rape your children and molest your cat. Then he’ll eat your mothers’ spleen and BURN your God to the ground!”

It tells me you have no self worth, and you’re not worth my vote.

Now… just for shits and giggles…

Evaluation of the Current Crop of Republican Candidates…

Gingrich: No. Really. I don’t need to say much else. Too much ego, not enough substance. Even the people who like him get sick of him. The idea of Gingrich with any control over a nuclear arsenal in this age and time… No. No. No. No. NO. You’re not a conservative, Newt. You have 3 wives, and an “open” marriage. You’re really rather liberal. If you sell yourself as one thing, and you’re obviously another… I don’t want someone that confused in charge, frankly.

Paul: Do you realize… Ron Paul is older than Ronald Reagan was. I’m not an ageist, but… I didn’t buy McCain as president for the same reason, and I won’t buy Paul as president. McCain tho… was an absolute moderate compared to the wacky Ron Paul, who inspires naught but rich English majors in college who have nothing better to do but show up at his rallies and belittle everyone else as being nincompoops to Ron Paul’s immense perfectness of poltical thought. How CLEVER are his supporters, who go around, shake hands with opposing candidates, and then have a friends behind them holding a sign that says “VOTE RON PAUL!”.

Do I believe Ron Paul would reduce the debt? Oh yeah, without doubt. Do I believe Ron Paul would restore civil liberties? Yep, without question. Do I believe Ron Paul would stabilize this country? No, holy God NO. Do I believe Ron Paul would plunge this country into Civil War because he has no concept of the modern world and is running like it’s 1946 and his opponents are Dewey and Truman? Oh yes, I do. Sorry, Ron. No.

Romney: Maybe the most moderate and possibly the most electable, but… who can tell, really? He has the consistency of silly putty. He’ll echo back everything you give him. He’s a flip floppin’ echo machine. He’ll say what you want to hear, not what he thinks. A man who has hidden everything he really thinks behind a veneer of “electability”. This is the same curse that caused McCain to fail against Obama, and until Romney and his advisers wise up… he’s on the same path to failure. Romney’s biggest mistake yet was trying to claim the bailouts were a failure… IN MICHIGAN. In the face of actual proof that the bail outs were massively successful, in the state of his birth… it’s like taking a loaded shotgun, aiming it at your penis, and then looking for a 2 dollar hooker on Main Street. I don’t trust you, Mitt. I have no idea who the hell you are. You’re a made up billboard of ideas from a top team of thinkers, but we have no idea who the heck you are.

Santorum: Senator Man on Dog is starting for a DEEEEEP hole. He’s got that “man on dog” problem, and that “santorum” problem with Google… Go ahead, I dare you look up “santorum” and “frothy”. Then he’s got the problem that he demonstrates that he has no concept of WHY there’s a separation of church and state. Listen folks… if you let someone who believes that the church belongs in government REALLY bring church into government… then you’re turning the US into the Muslim States of America. Really. Because Religion has no place in government. Religion is for your SOUL. It’s a compact between YOU and YOUR GOD, in whatever fashion you desire (also known as religion). Religion is about YOU and YOUR FAMILY. Jesus has no time or care to build a bridge in Alaska, or patch pot holes in Minnesota. That’s what government is for. God has no time to see if your Social Security deductible is proper for your wages. The Holy Ghost doesn’t give a shit about making sure FEMA has funs for the next hurricane, or flood in North Dakota. Come on, people. This is simple stuff. A bunch of bigoted slave owners in the 17th century figured it out, and YOU can’t understand it? Separation of Church and State is paramount, and I do not believe Santorum understands that, which means I can’t vote for you, Ricky.


Obama: Okay, 3.5 years of “change”, and… well, I don’t like it. Listen “B”… my home is worthless.Your Making Home Affordable program doesn’t actually make my home affordable. It’s a scam. Sure, it makes homes affordable… by kicking you out ,and reselling the house as foreclosed. Like a rich folks joke, right? We’re trillions in debt, and the Europeans are really unstable (especially the Greeks)… but you’ve kicked Iraq to the curb, set a timeline on Afghanistan… once we stop spending on those wars, the rest should be easy, right? Just stop playing party politics. Show a SPINE, for God’s sake. Health Care for all is a GOOD idea. It will bring manufacturing BACK to the United States, in fact. If all the companies just pay WAGES… and not subsidizing health care, then hey, they make more money, and WE have more money to spend on stuff. That’s economic gold there, kiddies.

So, who will I vote for tomorrow?

Nobody. I’m paying for an election I can’t vote in because I won’t join either party. I think any primary system that requires to declare allegiance is politically, legally, morally and religiously bankrupt.

I said it before, and I’ll say it again: Party politics are Un American, and insulting to you; to me; to everybody.


After finding out I did NOT need to declare… I went and voted.

While I think party politics are un American and distasteful… being able to vote is a freedom you cannot deny. At least you get to have a say (even if it’s essentially restricted to 2 choices…)

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