Text while Driving Ban

Maybe I’m an idiot, but just throwing this out there…

The Text while Driving ban is a massively illegal Headlee Amendment violation. How so,  you ask?

I am deaf. I cannot use a cell phone while driving, even with a fancy blue tooth attachment. If I am to use any manner of mobile device, I must use texting.

Stating that the only means of my using said device is illegal, without providing any manner of funding to allow me to obtain technology to be on even footing with normal hearing folks, is illegal.

So… if I get pulled over by a cop because I check my messages at a stop light, I’m goin’ to court… and you, the taxpayer, are paying for it.

The obvious solution is: ALL USAGE OF MOBILE VOICE OR TEXT DEVICES WHILE DRIVING IS ILLEGAL. <– see that? It’s a period. The argument has ended. I won.

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