I admit. I was resistive. Like an old man who doesn’t want to do anything new. Remain stuck in the way everyday has always been.

I recently saw the future in the form of a gift. My brother and I bought my dad an apple I pad for his birthday.a Col gadget and maybe a simpler internet experience for him. Maybe I can get him using his email.

My nehew was SO excited that grandpa was getting an I pad. At the restaraunt, he tore the gift wrapping off, sat in my dads lap and said “let me show yu how to use this grandpa!” And started showing my dad Angry Birds and Plants vs Zombies. It was cute!

Anyhow, once I started putzing with it myself, I started to see the possibilities, I eed to learn more about these things! So, I broke down and ourchases a Toshiba Thrive tablet, which rus Android 3.1 Honeycomb. I’m kinda loving this thing.

I kinda see the point. It works exteremly well for casual computing. Web browsing. Simple gaming, and I am doing WordPress on this thing right now. Email, calendars, contacts, pictures.. oh my!

And now with the Windows 8 reports coming out.. with a huge tablet bent (metro interface), it really does appear that THIS is the future of computers.

Am I excited?? Sort of. I am a it worried about the costs associated of a major paradigm shift in computing methodologies at a large scale facility. The. Posts, primarily, but excited for he functionality and usabilty for our patrons,

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