Stupid Cat

This morning, I could not find my wallet. I was pissed. I started looking all over for my wallet, because I only put my wallet in a few places to avoid this kind of thing.

I started to think “Oh crud (friendly thought language), I must have dropped it at Trader Joes or something last night!”

So I started ripping the house apart, because I didn’t want to think I lost the wallet in an empty store. Finally, I get to the small bedroom where Fargo’s food and litter box are. Fargo likes to drag all his toys into food dish. LIke he keeps trying to drown a hoodie drawstring (or feed it… who knows?

So I get on the floor to see if he dragged it anywhere… LO AND BEHOLD… there is my wallet:


Thankfully, he didn’t crap on it. Or pee on it. He just thought my wallet had to take a shit.

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