So dark the night

I wonder of why so dark the night
steps taken without the gift of fright
missed and tripped fallen unto abyss
words without meaning set adrift
let play in the sands of time
metaphors so common a crime
I beg if meaning in this life
just once let me mean something more
than fancy sounds and brazen abounds
just once let the beating of my heart
saying something besides the whimper
of yet another whipped hound
my dark askew my light ashine
one of a billion, no a trillion,
let infinity scream my name from the
rooftops and say only one
you or none…

A life to be
lived in desire
of the impossible
is the only life
worth living
whatever the answer
of life’s equation
whither equal or not
my answer is you

If my sin this is so shall it be
only if a fool would one deny
the only truth in this life
why oh why so dark the night
so steps taken within fright
the only path unto the light

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