Side Effects

I think I’m experiencing emotional side effects of everything that has happened these last few months.

I found myself very angry, snippy, and probably way too rough for no real reason today. I took it out on someone else, alas. It’s too late to subtract the words.

I think the question I forgot is this: Did you do it for a good? Were your goals good?

I think they were. So tomorrow, I have a meeting, and I’ll apologize for being a snippy, grumpster…I hate losing control. I have all these excuses to lose control, but I don’t want to. Dammit.

On the “shiny happy” front… Doctor looked at the implant and said everything is good, but it was kind of an odd visit. Like “let me check and make sure you haven’t torn my handiwork out” type thing.

yes, the incisions are healing. Yes, it looks correct in the ear.

And that’s about it. Just felt short and rushed.

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