Separation of State and Religion

Beck and Palin don’t get it, do they?

So their “non-political” event was really a pseudo-religious ceremony thanking the troops for their hard work overseas… and a push to get “God back into Government”.


Re-read your history books, please.

Our founders were wise enough to recognize this: If you give a MAN power over your DAY and your SOUL, then that trust WILL Be corrupted and you WILL be a fool…

If the Tea Party isn’t about “Taxed Enough Already”, it’s image is now morphing into being extremely into bring religion into government… because they claim that the US Government was founded as a Christian government.


The US was founded under the belief of religious FREEDOM. The Freedom to Worship as your soul moves you to do. Whether this freedom involves Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, or any host of religions (we’re looking at the Scientology whackballs over there in the corner…)… they all have the freedom to worship and care for their SOULS in this country… and that right is protected by GOVERNMENT, which is intended to protect EVERY SINGLE DAY WE LIVE. They recognized that absolute power corrupts a man absolutely… because he’s just a man.

What happens when you give one PERSON one PARTY or one GROUP the power to control your DAY and your SOUL?

Go look at the Taliban. Saudi Arabia. Iran. Hezbollah. These are all governments (or pseudo-governments or organizations) which invoke the power of DEITIES into every day government. Their people are oppressed. Their women are glorified pets, and their governments deny education because some of them ARE smart enough to recognize that dumb people are easily controllable. This is what happens when you combine GOD and GOVERNMENT. They’re too concepts which should never be mixed.

Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin are too stupid to recognize this.

Now, a disclaimer, so the stupid people don’t try to kill me or something:
I believe whole heartedly in your right to believe in God. I believe it’s a beautiful thing to worship the Lord, in whatever form you feel you must.

But I don’t think the Lord cares at all about jaywalking, illegal recording, or even pornography. He has more important things to do…


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