Sharing this post I found. It echoes my thoughts well.

“…So many people honestly seem to believe this bill is just to fight piracy.

No one is protesting to help pirates.  This bill goes far beyond the reaches of piracy, and the “piracy” part of the name is there to dupe people too lazy to read (which is most americans apparently) into thinking that’s all this bill is for.

SOPA and other similar bills share in common the fact that they provide the government with the power to censor the internet.  Basically any media company or political organization etc could lobby the government to censor and shut down websites.  Not only that, the end-user can be sued while doing so.

For instance, I see many of you here on CNN with avatars (including myself) that include copywritten material. This bill would give the government permission to remove your image, sue CNN for allowing it to be posted there and then sue you for posting it.

All of these bills have similar components that allow these scenarios.  Say goodbye to google, facebook, wikipedia, most websites would simply end messageboards like this as well simply due to the high liability of someone posting a copywritten image or phrase.

This bill and all those like it will put an end to the internet as we know it and turn us into a censored nation similar to china’s “great firewall”.

I’ve even read comments here by posters so ignorant they believe wikipedia is simply a “non-profit” trying to “secure their piece of the pie” and that protesting is socialism….if this is the true belief of america then our country is truly doomed and our education system has failed.

Google, Imgur…oh why bother even listing them all.  There are literally dozens and dozens of FOR PROFIT companies also voicing their opinions on the matter.  The ONLY ones supporting this bill are politicians who have received funding from media companies, the media companies themselves, and their subsidiaries and partners.

This is basically a bid for media companies, hollywood and the record industry to seize control of the internet, simultaneously throwing the government unprecedented power to censor free speech.

DO NOT LET THIS BILL, OR ANY LIKE IT PASS.  I don’t support piracy, most people don’t, but this is far beyond the reaches of piracy, this is about free speech as we know it.”

Would you like to know more?

Wikipedia Article on SOPA:

Text of the actual SOPA bill:

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Join the Strike:

Facebook/Twitter/Google + images:

Don’t let them pass redundant laws. Let’s make this clear: Piracy is ALREADY ILLEGAL.

SOPA and PIPA serve no logical purpose other than to shut down free speech. Please, don’t kill the first amendment.



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