Reflections on a New President

I’m still waiting for Dubbya to declare martial law. I don’t trust him at all. I won’t even trust him when or if his only “job” is clearing brush on his big ass farm.

It bothers me, all this coverage of Obama… not the coverage itself, but the emphasis on “black president”. Obama should stand up and say “I am not a black president. I am the President of the United States”.

The color of a persons skin has no bearing upon their measure as a human being. NONE.

Obama has a few things to take care of right away, doesn’t he? Shape up the banks. Get us out of Iraq. Prop up the economy. But don’t forget… throw the crooks in jail. Bush and Cheney should be in jail quite quickly… violation of human right, attempted destruction of the Bill of Rights… Don’t bail their asses out and say “it’s for the good of the country” Learn from President Ford’s mistake, and make sure that every person, no matter what their station, is accountable to the laws of this country. It’s this very real fact that makes me think Bush and Cheney will declare martial law before Tuesday. I pray I’m paranoid and wrong…

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