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Well, this one may ramble… sit back, enjoy the ride.

Let’s start with St. Patrick’s Day. I’m sure it’s a celebration of good things, but it annoys me… and I’m very Irish. Or at least I look VERY Irish. See, just one St. Patrick’s Day… I don’t want to be asked “Would you like a beer?” or having beers shoved into my face. I’d like to not hear comments on WHY I’m not wearing green.

The real point is… I don’t like beer. At all. I consider Beer to be a habit that normal people engage in because they’re told it’s cool. They surrender to peer pressure and drink… purified dog piss? Concentrated monkey dung dribblings? Ventilated vultures vomit? Gee, I forgot my mug. I gave beer a shot a long time ago. It tastes as terrible as it smells. Beer smells so bad, I cannot comprehend how people drink it. How do you get over the stench? It even SMELLS like urine. I just can’t do it.

The expectation that just because I’m Irish, then that I MUST LOVE BEER is a pet peeve of mine. It pisses me off that I’m prejudged as being inclined to a certain behavior because I fit some societal stereotype of what the Irish are supposed to look like, and then as such, apparently, I must also desire to indulge in their stereotype of what Irish do (namely, get drunk and beat random Brits up). What… ever.

In any case… here’s a movie review/comment or two:

I watched No Country for Old Men (NCFOM) tonight… and was not impressed. While a better movie that the laughably bad “The Departed” (Oscar Winner f0r 2006), there’s no way in hell that was a legit choice for best movie. If you wanted to give the Coen’s an Oscar for best picture, just retroactively give it to them for Fargo (easily one of the better movies made in the last 50 years). NCFOM was a slow, plodding, methodical if well acted ensemble piece. I was not THAT impressed by Javier Bardem’s work because, well… since when is the complete lack of any actual emotive acting worthy of awards? He played a bad ass… well then… let’s give Bruce Lee a retroactive Oscar, and while we’re at it, declare Schwarzenegger to be the world’s greatest actor. The character was well written, but I think any actor could have been plugged into the role and succeeded.

I also saw Michael Clayton the other week… and felt it was a better movie than NCFOM. Well plotted, and the ending twist, while obvious from a mile away, was well done. George Clooney has really come a long way from cameos on The Facts of Life, man. I even remember seeing him on E.R. (with Eliot Gould… not the NBC drama) in the mid 80’s.

Neither movie was remotely as good as the Bourne Ultimatum, which was far and away the best movie of 2007. So.. the “Academy Awards” screwed the pooch big time here, man. They weren’t even close. The whole Bourne series is amazing in as much as it uses the names from the books it’s based on, but the plot of the books doesn’t even remotely come close to anything past the middle of Bourne Identity. Bourne Supremacy and Ultimatum are completely different than their alleged “source” material. I find that kind of creativity to be quite impressive.

And so on another topic… I have officially opened the doors to McEvoy Technologies, with a brand spankin’ new Joomla based website. I have my business cards printed up, I have jobs completed and scheduled. I have bank accounts opened and waiting for deposits. And I’m scared. I feel very exposed to be in business this way. Kind of like I’m running around naked with nothing except my brain showing. Like someone ripped the head off a Ken doll and shoved cauliflower in there. I’m excited about it, don’t get me wrong, but… It’s kind of a silly fear. Consider… I run the tech at Northville essentially on my own. I’m the head guy there, and I’m flying without much of a rope to hold me up. I handle a hefty budget, and I’m looking at running projects that cost mucho dinero (enough so that I don’t want to list numbers online). So why does it scare me to be in business for myself? Is it fear or regret? The more I think of it, the more I think it’s regret. I really, truly miss being part of a team. I miss being part of a team at TLN. I miss the idea that I have a business partner.

Maybe it’s just a result of being 36 years old… single… rapidly approaching 37 years old and wondering if I’ll ever be a part of a real team again. We’re raised on teams, man. Team sports… stage crew… TV crew… it’s all about being part of the team. Suddenly, you’re dropped in the real world where everything you learned isn’t about the team, but about what you learned as part of a team in years bygone, and how well you can apply those lessons.

I do know this: I don’t want to do this alone for the rest of my life, man. I’ve got to find a team mate.

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