random thoughts

What if there is no Severus Snape? What if Snape is really… Harry Potter.
It would explain why Dumbledore trusts him implicitly.

I’m bored with professional wrestling again. I feel like a savant when I watch it, because no matter what they try to do, I know exactly what’s going to happen before the bell rings. There’s no innovation, and the wrestlers no longer have the desire to do anything innovative. Maybe I’m just getting too old for that crap.

of course, if I was too old for that crap, I wouldn’t be a Harry Potter fan. I have Deathly Hollows on pre-order already. I pre-ordered it before it was even pre-orderable (is that a word?)

Digital Hearing aids take some getting used to. I still don’t know if THIS is what everything sounds like. I have no basic memory of what sound is supposed to sound like. Every memory of sound I have is in regards to amplified sound, so my concept of sound quality ranges from the difference of analog hearing aids versus digital hearing aids now, with no understanding of whether or not either technology is actually the closest to real sound.

I hate Botsford Hospital. The mere idea of going there now makes me sick. If I broke my leg, and Botsford was a block away, I’d crawl 10 miles away so I’d be closer to another hospital.

I didn’t win the MegaMillions. Too bad… I would have done a lot of good with that money. Fate doesn’t give a damn about that though, does it?

What if you weren’t meant to be alive? What if you’d cheated fate, and everything that came your way was never supposed to be? What if you were the ripple on the pond, and your mere existence caused everything in the world to be changed because… you spend 50 cents on a can of pop in 1979? What if an event occurred when you were a child, and you were “erronously” rescued because the guardians of time experienced a technical glitch? I know, it sounds lie the plot of “Final Destination” but I wonder sometimes of late if all my luck and existence is neither bad nor good because I wasn’t supposed to be here. Silly, eh?

Am I burned out? Am I afraid? Both? I can’t tell.

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