Politically Motivated

Some while ago, I stated that there’s plenty of people who would actually make a good president. They’re just not stupid enough to run for office.

Well, our first example this year is Herman Cain. Now, I didn’t believe he was a good candidate to begin with… what with his inability to count to 10 (nine… nine… nine… nine? Nine! nein!) Now he’s dropped out and blamed the media because… he liked to have sex with anything vaguely female within a 12 mile radius? and it’s the media’s fault for noticing this?

Mr. Cain… let’s say in your strange world… it’s acceptable to engage in multiple sexual relationships… and that’s fine with your wife. and it’s fine with God. Let’s go to that strange, hardly normal place… on a planet far far away… let’s posit that the rest of contemporary mores on that planet are the same as they are here. which part of having zero control of your sexual appetites makes you fit for the highest office in the land?

Don’t bring up Billy C. See, Billy C. was already in office… and still the best president in the last 20 years, when he had an intern “polish the presidential wood” under the Resolute desk. He’d already proven his worth as a politician at this point. Mr. Cain has no such track record… I’m not saying it’s right because he was in office, I’m saying they’re all doing it, and that doesn’t make it right. it doesn’t disclude you as a candidate or officer either. It’s the AFTERMATH… Can we trust you?

Stop going all Kwame on the media… sometimes… it IS your fault. And sometimes, you’re a bigger and better man for saying I’m sorry.

It’s NOT all right, dude. It just ain’t. Not on this planet, and not in this country.

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