Poem – Died a Long Time Ago – Wise Men

I should have died a long time ago
cause I never knew where to go
my wanderings were without aim
targetless flight unto the waves
did I cast my stern to sway

As my eyes scan the horizon
I spot the shiny wise men
when finally I find them
they’re barely aware of why then
except the wine must flow

I begged them to remember something
but all they recall is broken trumpets
sounding a fractured call to all
it’s time to go there but where
the wise men do not know

even in their splattered haze they know

I should died a long time ago
cause I was a fool for trying to go
where I was never ready to be
all my targets were flawed reasons
did cast my boat to sink

Gurgling barely breathing
the waves sparkling under the sun
I think I’m ending fish food pending
yet I’m spinning out of control
where am I to flow?

I begged the tide to take me back
but all the gave was coral and sand
soundless screams of death rattling
as I settle into my final scene
the wise men smiling

even in the darkness beneath

I should have died a long time ago
cause I can’t breathe the saline
I can’t move or escape the nibbling
bobbing up and down if I’m lucky
my bones do sway

I watched the light down coming
without sense of time forever mine
the claw does reach out to me
finally it seems they do see
whatever is left of me

I begged the being please take me back
where the sun does shine
and all the air to breathe
but my voice is gone for mortal beings
the wise men do bequeath

even in the stillness of the bleak

I should have died a long time ago
my sunken ship and rotting bow
amidships and on ahead avast
broken down to float at last
rising does this sway

The light is burning me
but the smiles they gleam so sweet
cheer in their faces turn to screams
the dead ride with me

The air and the sweet fresh wind
my mind it spins without an end
once again once again
I’ll sail the seas until they speak
these wise men finally see

even in the sunshine so sweet


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