The earth still spins around the Sun it went despite the end that happened all that mattered came to a surprising conclusion and still the children continue to ride Life is without amusment Life is without a doubt Just another reason for mucking all about Why another day does the sun come out to play when the dark descended eternally… Read more →

Does it make any sense?

Burn it down rebuild from ashes does it make any sense? Build it up rip it to shreds does it make any sense? Logic is man made madness is descriptive without meaning Good and evil they aren’t real things just ways to say How are you feeling? Words have power when used correctly incorrectly they injure Language isn’t always spoken… Read more →

I Dare You

I dare you to say what you’re really feeling blood soaked may the words flow from your naked soul demonic or angelic who can speak, please tell us I dare you to say what you really wanna say barking mad a haunted lad barely is he cognizant broken down and screeching of profound absence emptiness without purpose blank stares unto… Read more →

Brutal Pickles – Take 2

Brutal Pickles Instructions for making one jar of Brutal Pickles. This mixture should fill at least 3 small 8oz Pickling Jars and/or at least 2 16 oz pint jars. To fill 3 jars, you will need at least 4 or 5 Medium sized Cucumbers sliced into 1/4″ thick slices or spears. Liquid Solution for Boiling: 2 cups of Pickling or… Read more →

So dark the night

I wonder of why so dark the night steps taken without the gift of fright missed and tripped fallen unto abyss words without meaning set adrift let play in the sands of time metaphors so common a crime I beg if meaning in this life just once let me mean something more than fancy sounds and brazen abounds just once… Read more →

“Weird Al” lyrics

I was driven today after Weird Al’s latest album release to create something, and chucked this nugget together while driving home… when I saw one of these things… thusly, an ode… to the Nissan Van. Imagine this to the tune of the seminal classic from the Pointer Sisters: Neutron Dance. I don’t want to look at it anymore I’ll just… Read more →

Let’s Get Busy…

Haven’t said much about my state(s) of mind, so I’ll do some quick summaries of random thoughts bouncing around… a. I’m over worked. I love my job… but I’m over worked. b. I’m over extended… on everything. I eat too much. I spend too much. I work too much… and I don’t work out enough, and I don’t save enough… Read more →

Doesn’t Really Matter

Guess it really doesn’t matter cause nobody is coming to my rescue I can do whatever difference time difference place all ends up the same way The sun rises and shadows cast there’s some play the shadows dance words are cast and doubt aghast A pleasant interlude merely a way to make you doubt all before and all yet about… Read more →