Our Screaming Bloody Souls to Keep

Deepening of everything
a whole wider than nothing
left to do the world is blue
and grey skies scream absently
of broken promises and basic kindness
that’s left behind as the future
opens it’s maw to greet
our screaming, bloody souls to keep

A pit never ending
bottomless it’s spending
the good will of years asunder
pretending we were the pinnacle
of all the values we were told
should be held aloft and bold
shown our hands to be busy
changing for a better world
our screaming, bloody souls to keep

Through the mantle, through the crust
the sky weeps forth as we thrust
beyond the sky beyond all trace
the space between the stars in grace
Reach out and solve this equation
till finally the distance is closed
and light years once so frightening
become less than the pain between
our screaming, bloody souls to keep

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