Non-Hell Hole Post (Sorta)

Other things happen in the world besides the Hell Hole… even though it feels like my entire summer was eaten by the Hell Hole… I was going to paint inside, but as my house was under “construction” for the entire summer (actually, maybe 4 hours total… the rest was the “threat” of construction), I was unable to get it done and have little or no time to do it now. Crud…

In the mean time… I took some vacation time, but the weather never cooperated with me. It rained at Charlie’s cabin, so we didn’t get to fish or take the jet skis out… but I love spending time with the family. If I close my eyes, I can hear Lucas saying “Michael… Michael…”

I also spent a few days in Mackinaw City, but it was cold… like 40 degrees on the lake, but was awesome watching the freighters get washed over with giant waves coming under the bridge. VERY cool… and I got to eat at my favorite restaurant (Scalawags! but not at Clyde’s (Big C 1 lb burger… which sounds like it’d flatten me now)

I drove down to Indianapolis to see Dan, which was way cool because it was a place I have never been. Driving down I-69 is like… corny. REALLY corny. There’s corn fields literally all the way down. There was a giant ear of corn in the capital building. It was HOT (99 degrees, 90% humidity), so it was abnormal weather. The papers said “Hottest Summer Ever” or something. I saw the Indy 500 Speedway… which is really quite impressive, but it’s one of those things you don’t realize how commercialized it is until you’re there. I liked Dan’s place, but he’s already moved on to bigger and better positions in Virginia. I hope he has more luck there than in Indy (only 3 months in a job that required he move cross country. Wow.)

The rest of the summer… I watched the Tigers, and hoped they’d do it again… but now they’ve gone and blown it to the Frack Danged Indians of Cleve Land. Stupid Cleves… What do I have left now? The Lions? The Detroit Almost Dead Things? (the team is old enough to start thinking about adding fiber to their diets…) For a sports geek like me, it’s sad and confusing?

I also lost one of my Aunt’s (Aunt Norene) last month. I really worry for my Uncle Mike, who’s one of the nicest people I know, and can only hope everything goes well for him, Frankie, Cathy and Genie.

The biggest part of the summer to me was Chris and Kim’s pursuit of Parentdom. I am in awe of what they have to go through right now to be parents. The strength it must take to subside through this (with all the other obstacles life brings, like leaky roofs) is amazing. I constantly wish there was something I could do to help, but it’s all about the baby.

They will bring home a son from Russia, hopefully SOON, and I will be one of those disgusting uncles who spoils the crap out of his nephew. That kid will come home to more toys and clothes than most people have their entire lives.

Now the fall is coming…
I hope the baby arrives in great shape and ready to be spoiled.
I hope I have a nice fall vacation.
I hope I can deploy 18 new computers at work without major incident.
I hope my friend Jeannine recovers from cancer and returns to work. I miss her singing “Good Morning, Michael” so I can sarcastically ask “Is it?”
I hope all my family, friends, and the whole world make every day better than the last for all of us.
As long as I can say ‘I hope’ and mean it… there’s hope.

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