Never spoke the Words

…and the darkness reigned supreme
from the moment man dared to dream
Hell isn’t something you reach
when blessed sleep comes to being
Hell is every single day
on this rotten ball of clay

…and the darkness sang of his praise
in sarcastically worded phrase
Go ahead and struggle for the light
bitch and whine about your plight
the more you squirm the deeper the worm

…and the darkness made them all afraid
in chaos they scrambled for the sky
broke all their hearts when they find
they’re not all birds just humans who die
watch the angels fly away into his embrace

…and the darkness reigned forever in his mind
cause he believed in a great man in the sky
because there’s nothing left to acheive
when no longer breath can you breathe
finally now you are complete

…and the darkness brought trepidation
doubt and fear embedded in those held dear
the rest of their lives wondering why
a great big man in the sky can decide
now it’s time to join his side

…and the darkness of the passing life
forgiven with a single word heard from
the final breath from his end of days
whispering of his praise he goes onward
to wait for all of us to come home

…and the stars they shine out from the
pitch black of night when you see
your loved ones come running
we missed you so don’t look back
don’t see them cry don’t see them crack

…and the clouds obscure the sight of hurt
but light years can’t separate the songs
they sing in the dark by themselves the cries
ring from all sides of this infinite verse of rhyme
and they know even when you never spoke the words

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