Never on one or two

I never focus on one or two
my eyes open to all the speech
welcome me as would you dare
can you believe as much as me?

You count to three or even four
my thoughts theoretical
dare you paint with hate
about what you take

stop counting start making
original or faking
stop fearing or crying
means nothing without trying

Demons come crawling
bringing the depths
with their gnarly claws
and dripping jaws

words escape without mistake
they said this world
is yours to take
now burn the stake

Focus on just one or two
all the rest zoom past you
focus on just three or four
get your ass up off the floor

sine cosine minus the tangent too
can you even count to five
or is six too much to rhyme
seven eight or even nine

Philosophy is often speech
pagans of only they who dream
differently than counting to three
I believe well beyond four

numbers and words on the dance floor
they rumble around without our thought
if never were were what language is drawn
or whatever is left to say

I never focus on one or two
always believe past three or four
even more and more and more
infinity is true a door

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