Never Been

Search as you will
you’ll never find
another one like me

I’m one of a kind
the only one there
will ever be

stuck inside this
awful state
of stunted reality

meaningless moments
and nothing in between
till the clock strikes

the moments I spent with
you in a past so sweet
it’s almost sickly

Never been
never will
there ever be

another time
another rhyme
another crime

it’s worth the lies
it’s worth the pain
it’s worth the rain

pound in the wind
bring on the clouds
blow me down again
blown me down again

it’s worth the scrapes
it’s worth the bruises
it’s worth my ego
it’s worth my life

when the sun finally shines
and everything makes sense again
when everyone can see

there’s never been
and there never will be
another one like me
another one like you

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