My Last Newsletter, and other random thoughts

Other stuff First…

I continue to try and lower my monthly bills. I wanted to switch to AT&T, but the Condo Assoc put the kibbutz on that. AT&T found that the wiring in my condo was no good, so they wanted to run a new wire into the house. The condo assoc flat out said: NO. Now I have to schedule both AT&T AND the Condo Assoc on the same day because apparently only they know how to run a cable into my house. Fo’ sure. Which means I keep paying Bright House’s exorbiant fees for awhile longer.

Also, my vehicle search has been riddled with oddities and pushy sales.

I test drove a 2008 Ford Mustang Premium V6 Coupe, Windveil Blue with a Black “Mustang” stripe along the bottom… Awesome looking car. However, Ford wants WAY WAY WAY too much for it. They won’t deal on it at ALL. Thus.. no Mustang. The numbers came in so high, there wasn’t even ability to bargain. The salesguy suggested a Ford Fusion (which he said I could get a lease on at $250/mo easily) but I was a bit turned off by that idea because the Fusion looks kind of dull to me. It will require some thought. Maybe if the interior is blinged out with leather seating, Sync, etc it would work for me.

I test drove a Jeep Patriot 4×2 (I wanted to drive 4×4, but there were none on lot). The ride is nice, and CVT transmission really isn’t that bad at all. There’s no shifting sensation. Just… zooom. It also feels HUGE inside (except it’s not). The dashboard is so big (and made of hollow, hard plastic), and I had to lean forward to adjust the rear view mirror. However, the salesguy, instead of getting me pricing, tried pushing a new Jeep Liberty or Dodge Nitro on me. He even insisted that I test drive his own Dodge Nitro (which was nice). They’re nice vehicles, to be sure… but I want better gas mileage. It also makes no sense to me that the Liberty or Nitro, both with have higher actual prices, will lease for MUCH less. What’s up with that? So I didn’t even get pricing on a Patriot due to “end of month specials” unless I was willing to buy THAT DAY. So… I’m not gonna end up in another Jeep. The dealer turned me off.

So, my first 2 tries have struck out. Now, I think I’ll have to test drive a VW Rabbit (which I’ve had to do some soul searching on, because I can barely comprehend the idea of walking into a foreign car dealership with the express concept of actually purchasing a foreign car!) and I believe I will also test drive either a Ford Fusion or Mercury Milan (with blinged out interior). Hopefully I can set those up this week or next.

My Last Newsletter
I just published my last Newsletter for TLN. I can’t explain how monumental it feels to me. It’s an era bygone. Nor can I really explain that I am not happy that this has come to an end. I really wish at times I was still working every day with Mark and Johnie.

I wanted to say that it’s not my idea to leave TLN. I have not quit. There was not a contract to be canceled. I was fired without being given reason, and it plain doesn’t sit well with me (as past posts have illustrated well enough).

I also just wanted to put it on record that I will absolutely remain available should TLN find need of a webmaster, newsletter editor, or traveling tech again in the future. Why? I just like the work. Plain and simple. It doesn’t pay well, but I LIKE the work.

I have enjoyed working for TLN for a long time, and I have to admit I am not happy to be dismissed from my position. I believe I have given them nothing except the best of my capabilities, and do not believe I have done anything to warrant dismissal. Heck, I haven’t even been able to express all of my capabilities. Eileen crammed us into an extremely toned down site design. There were way more bells and whistles there before she chopped it up.

If my firing was budgetary, I could actually understand that, as it’s obvious the state librarian of Michigan wants to drive TLN (and all other Library Cooperatives) out of business. I’d like to know if this IS the reason, because then I can tell the State Librarian “Your draconian ways lost me one of my jobs. Shame on you.” However, I have never been given any reason for my firing. There were several emails to the membership with statements about “moving services back in-house” that were erroneous, as I absolutely was an employee, and NOT a contractor. I appreciated the thought behind these messages, but the statements about my position were a bit disingenuous.

In either case, I accept I have no power to change this situation. I simply wanted everyone to know that I will be available to come back should the situation warrant TLN needing a webmaster again in the future. Unless, of course, someone takes advantage of the big space in my time and hires me for different part time job 🙂

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