Musings on Technology and Miracles

Okay, so I just had a discussion with my dad, which led me to want to write about this as soon as possible while it’s fresh in my head:

Do you realize how miraculous our technology is? Think about this:

I wear a pair of hearing aids. They’re expensive. A thief wouldn’t think about it, but I waltz around day to day with over $5,000 in my head. And what do these things do?

They’re the size of a small child’s little finger. They weight less than a smattering of ounces. Pick up a marshmellow, and that’s about how much it weighs. It connects to my ear with a piece of rubberized silicon that holds it’s shape for up to 2 years, and remains flexible and comfortable. The hearing aid itself amplifies sounds up to 130 decibels. Louder than lawn mower, and almost as loud as a jet engine. It not only amplifies sounds at high levels, it amplifies sounds in the specific range of sounds my ear (right) remains capable of discerning.

If it amplified at high ranges, I wouldn’t hear it. It’d be useless. Instead, these digital puppies amplify sounds in the sweet spot for me.

It’s lightweight. It’s small. It’s comfortable. And it’s Star Trek level, really. My hearing aid is the equivalent of Geordi’s eyemask/glasses.

And that’s not all… there’s even MORE advanced hearing aids out there. BAHA style hearing aids, and even DENTAL hearing aids now!

Every day, you carry a phone that has more computing power than every system ever used for the Apollo program in the 60’s COMBINED. The space shuttles? They have less computing power than your phone. Good lord, people. We ARE in the future.

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