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Just a few random movie reviews…

Zombieland: AWESOME movie. I want a sequel. or a TV series. Really well done.

Moon: GREAT sci-fi. Sam Rockwell deserves an Oscar nom for this movie. I mean, he’s the WHOLE MOVIE. Maybe a bit of a slow build, but it pays off well.

Twilight: Nothing on tonight, so I watched this… atrocious excuse for a waste of celluloid. Well, that’s harsh… it wasn’t really SO bad… dopey writing. unattractive actors and actresses in a “love” story (pronunciation required).. and horrible HORRIBLE directing. What was with that dopey running effect? What is this? Land of the Lost?

And Another Thing: Douglas Adams’ corpse should be spinning in its grave, attempting to verify the Superman theorem by spinning counterclockwise in an effort to turn the clock backwards and make sure Eoin Colfer is NEVER EVER offered the ability to mangle this beloved series.. holy, craptastic bad book. A long time ago, I bought into a maxim (thanks, Cairo Bob!): “Finish every book you start, you’ll learn something by finishing it.”. Well… I can’t finish this crap. It’s AWFUL. It’s almost the worst book I’ve ever read. (and I’m look at you, Star Trek: Ghost Ship)

The Hurt Locker: Okay, I see why there’s the Oscar hype. But… so? The movie was not really all that complex. Decent characters, but still basically gungho GI Joe, yippe kai yo. SO… he LIKES to disarm bombs. He’s an adrenaline junky. So? Whatever.

Inglourious Basterds: Much more deserving of an Oscar. GREAT acting. GREAT directing. Slow build? Not really. Follow the detail. Not every movie has to be wall to wall slam bang action. I loved the way this movie rolled out and LOVED the way it rewrote the end of WW2. I mean, what IF? If that’s the way you win, what the hell would your society be like? Would it really be better than the Nazis?

Avatar: Still want to see with IMAX 3-D. Saw it in “Real Digital 3D”. In any case, I spent the first 20 minutes with my jaw open. Seriously stunning effects. The 3-D really works in ‘closed” scenes, but “wide shot” scenes? Not so much. Serious immersion. The story? Very derivative. Dances with Wolves in Space. Even so, its awesome entertainment and a real leap forward in movie making. In any case, I’m amused endlessly by the reports of people who feel depressed about their lives after seeing this movie. I wrote about the EXACT EFFECT as part of my college thesis. I stated that Movies, TV and Computers will merge together, creating immersive entertainment structures and once those structures are established in a meaningful fashion, society will have to cope with it. Who wants to spend time in drab reality when you can spend time in a colorful, beautiful world of giant floating mountains and Smurfette is 12 feet tall and sexy hot?

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