Momentary Lapse of Meh

I dreamed we were driving, somewhere outside a strange world in which Detroit and Boston are less than an hour by car. We were driving to a fight with another gang.

On the radio, a song played. It’s the second time I’ve heard this song in a dream, but I know the song isn’t real: it’s just a song in my dream. The first time I heard it in a dream, I wrote the lyrics I heard down:

the world is a trap
and life is crap
even with a map
you can’t find your way
through this maze of pain
heroin in your veins
might salve the day
but then you are lost and vain
and caught in the trap
stuck in a bin with all the crap

The date of that file is October 27, 2010. So how does a song that does not exist, play twice in my dream state(s), over a period of almost a year apart?

The music for these lyrics is best described as heavy metal nursery rhymes.

We were driving in an old Ford pickup with rusty sides, and my old Oak speakers in the bed. I was standing on the fender the entire way. The rest of the gang (a strange mix of Tech Comm’ers, Co-Workers, childhood friends I haven’t seen in 20 years, and my brother) was piled up in the back of the pickup bed planking and giggling and singing along badly with the song.

Anyhow, we showed up to the fight at a house on a lake (the water was very dark, almost black, and it was windy and chilly), where we found out it was just a “gang” of girls with a bunch of Strawberry Shortcake dolls and a tea set and they wanted to play brunch.

“Let’s have tea and biscuits!”

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