Mixed Blessings, pt 2

So I had the shot done. It hurt a bit, but not really so bad… <cross fingers, hope I don’t wake up tomorrow in complete pain>

In any case, I have to have a hearing test next week. If there’s no change, then we assume the shot does nothing… and that’s it. 

Last night I had a weird dream, where a dream-made location struck me as deja vu in a lucid dreaming state. In the dream, I realized that this place was familiar… yet I’d never been there before, so it’s a place that was made in my dreams some indeterminate time before. Ever had that happen?

We drove down a highway, and I thought to myself “this looks like San Fransisco”. I haven’t been there since 1999… but it looks that way. Then I realized it was just a set. Behind it was a desert, and we drove off road between a split in the highway. In the center of this split was a large lake in the middle of a desert. A long legged dog walked in front of me, then went to the water… and nodded at me to get over there with him. So I began walking to the dog and…

My damn alarm clock went off and shook me wide the heck awake.  All day I’ve been thinking: What was the dog going to show me in the lake in the desert?

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