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Web Design

Web Design (Flat HTML)
$900/flat rate for a basic site- (defined as simple logo, icons, and basic mouseover javascript, 1 to 15 pages to form the site) Anything over 4 hours of design time will be billed at $50 for each additional hour.
advanced site (subject to quotation)- (defined as a logo, icons, graphical garnish, and mouseover, plus any other javascripts) Anything over 10 hours of design time will be billed at $50 for each additional hour. We do recommend using a CMS for any web design at this point, as it will simplify maintenance of your site going forward, while significantly lowering your costs over a customized system.

CMS (Content Management System)
We specialize in WordPress and Joomla rollouts. We can help you transfer your flat test site to Joomla or WordPress, or help you get started online with these powerful CMS solutions. Start at $350 for 10 hours design/build time, then $50/hr afterwards.

Web Page Additions/Updates
All webpage work will be charged at $50/hr. We can do updates to your existing site, add new graphics, icons, text, scripts, menus, etc.

All domain and hosting fees are in addition to our site creation fees.

Web Design Consulting
Even if you do not choose McEvoy Technologies to design your website, we will help you locate the best way to get your website online. We can direct you to the most appropriate ISP, Webhost, Designers, and Technicians. All Web Design consulting work is charged at $35/hr.