March – Onward?

March was one hell of a month for me.

I can’t recall the last time I worked that hard. I worked almost 16 days straight with a day off to start the month. Tons of projects came to completion.

I became haggard, whiny, and angry. I snapped at people.

But… what an ending to the month. The last 2 weeks of March have been like a waking dream of epiphany to me. Finishing RFID has felt so professionally satisfying, these words only scratch the surface.

BOTB was such a smashing success (literally… witness the Gong) this year, I now wonder just how we can possibly do better.

And there’s a lady out there… who I’ve found a common bond with. And I don’t much like being away from her now. She gets me in a way I never imagined to be possible. She likes a lot of the things I like. She likes the fact that I’m… well… I’m a geek/nerd/spaz. And she thinks thats great!

I like talking with her. As much as possible. I like making her smile. I’ll listen to her for as long as she wants me to. I want to help her with her problems. I want to make her world a shinier and better place for all of us. I just need to keep my imagination in check. It goes places long before it should. It might get me in trouble. Who knows.

I want to see where this road untravelled goes to. Its made my whole month, which felt so hard and difficult, out to be the best month I can remember in… near forever.

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