Local Wildlife

5 Feet from the DeerSo I decided to take a nice long walk today. Heritage Park in Farmington Hills is a good spot. I used to take a lot of walks there, especially during the trying times of the hell hole. Other than hitting golf balls as hard as I could, taking a walk allowed me to blow off steam.

In this case, I wasn’t blowing off steam. I’m just trying to get more active. I’m sick of being sore from inactivity. I have to be active or else it’ll be too late. I’m getting old, man.

Heritage Park also is a good wildlife spot. I usually spotted some manner of wildlife, including deer. So I brought my camera with me.

3 feet from the deer Lucky me, I spotted a few nice sized bass in the Rouge River (at a bridge that says “UG RIER”), some woodchucks, and then I rounded a corner in the trail and ended up face to face with a deer. The thing barely acknowledged me. Heck, deer in the ZOO are less tame than these things. Either that, or I smelled good. The shot to the left was about 3 or 4 feet away from me. The shot above was after I let the deer move away and then I spotted… another deer! Two deer, one shot. Man, if I was a deer hunter… but I’m not.

It really is amazing that you can travel so little distance from home and see wildlife like this. I’ve seen deer, porcupines, woodchucks, squirrels, bull frogs, toads, geese, ducklings, and even snakes at Heritage Park.

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