The earth still spins
around the Sun it went
despite the end
that happened

all that mattered came
to a surprising conclusion
and still the children
continue to ride

Life is without amusment
Life is without a doubt
Just another reason
for mucking all about

Why another day does
the sun come out to play
when the dark descended
eternally to stay

all that made me shine
has gone away to leave
this mishapen lump of coal
writing about how sad things go

Life is a runaway train
Life is not stopping
just another disaster
wrecking havoc and war

Storm clouds came tumbled
blown everything amok
and your sweet little dreams
mean nothing at all

all that made life interesting
strewn about the land
rake the leaves of your life
into a pile and a can of gas

Life is burning through
Life is a pile of ashes blown
across the fields
and into the lakes

My sadness so deep
no light can touch me
I stare at the sun
hoping to feel the heat

all that mattered changed
normal has no meaning
struggle is the only way
squirm to the surface one day

Life is the flowers that bloom
Life is what you renew
even on your knees
you stand taller than you do

Life is not begging
life waits for no man
just brush it off
and stand

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