Life is just a Game

I’m trying to say something intelligent
but all that comes out
a drizzling spout
a turgid dreams dribbling down
my chin into a puddle
on my shirt that says
Life is just a Game

Magic books that guide their lives
special men who bring the light
a zombie risen from the grave
or resurrection lay the blame
the stories told by different men
from the same root of venegeance
Life is just a Game

Pray your God, a bill of green
count your blessings as monetary
and not as most are suffering
Hungry and ill destitute but still
a Ferarri makes you forget
erasure of entire race
Life just a Game

Roll the dice, improve your odds
with prayer or science or just desire
Go to work, shut your mouth
someone richer than you will shout
your way is not to start again by go
back below the troll disgraced
Life just a Game

The moment is awful and suffering
completely made up by experience
there’s worse things that soggy cheerios
there’s worse things than traffic on the road
there’s worse things that things that explode
Life is just a Game

We’re all doomed to play
that horrible moment when we were birth
forced to play a game
born to a world that doesn’t care
about anything but the next square
Life is just a Game

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