Let Me Out to Play

Sometimes I open the latch on my skull
reach in and pretend it’s a toy
bounce against the wall
look at it, ya’all
my curve ball
might as well be
a screwball
or a slider with some gas

This sponge this nerf
it doesn’t hurt to try
and taste the essense
of my mind or maybe I
can’t tell the difference any more
cause I’m too numb
from every day

The horns they creep behind the screech
of violins and Wilhelm screams
the games the rules mean nothing now
information plowed into the ground
once fertile my mind is barren
the crescendo fades out of tune
vibrations shade the runes

On a pedestal of admiration
stare upon the revocation
of a project all the matters waiting
relieved at last of constipation
all my ideas laid to bare
finally I dare to share to share

can’t you hear or see the years
the damage more than I can bear
the games I would rather play
then care again another day
this burden of responsibility
can’t you see I’ll shed it all one day
just so you and I can play
our bodies old and grey
yet still we will find a way

Sometimes I put it back inside
I hear the screams as the latch
it battened down and then the rings
it runs around inside my skull
the pain it says is all my fault
let me out to play
hear what I say

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