It's all Over

“Remember, if you need to support the president to be a “great American,” critics must get behind Barack Obama or risk total hypocrisy.” – Mitch Albom

Maybe now we can move on beyond the last 8 years and the rest of the world won’t think we’re arrogant assholes. That should help the economy right itself.

Downside? Tina Fey is hot, and we’ll miss her take on the half baked Alaskan mistake.

But seriously… it’s confusing to me. There are people in my family who are on the other side of this issue. I am afraid of saying something wrong and alienating people.

I think the election was a reaction to Dubbya. I won’t pull any punches where he’s concerned… Worst. President. Ever. (since Ulysess Grant). On some level, I think the guy is responsible for all the “bad” things right now. The world wide economy, the national economy, and even the local economy (since in Michigan, that means cars, and cars mean world wide). The House and Senate seats that all went Democratic were in large part reactionary changes. They voted for the other guy because “that guy is Dubbya’s buddy”. Completely polarizing and unstabilizing the whole process… into a Perfect Storm.

I bet McCain would be a good president… 4 years ago. He should have been the Republican nominee in 2004: not Dubbya, who should have been sent packing with no forwarding address. He comes off as a great and funny guy (SNL and Letterman appearances). I just didn’t agree with some of the things he said. I was nasty in a previous post referring to the thing on his neck as “Kuato”, which is still a valid argument, but in retrospect, I think McCain’s problem is that he didn’t present himself for the most part as John McCain. Instead, he was a Republican Partyized parody of who a bunch of supposedly smart people though John McCain should pretend to be in order to get elected. I also disagreed with his selection of Palin as Veep. Again, I’m sure she’s a pleasant person and all but… wow, did she come off bad in interviews. She came off as intellectually inefficient… and that’s not the character someone would logically want in or near the highest office in the land (arguably, we’ve seen the effects of that with Dubbya, who also comes off an intellectually vapid on a completely different level…)

I also am not really completely 100% sold that Obama will be a great president. However, his campaign was brilliantly run, and using that I would assume he can assemble a proper cabinet and appear organized in office. I still believe at this point he was a better candidate than McCain.

Regardless of which, I suspect his reign will be a combination of Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter… he’ll spend a year “healing” relations within the nation and abroad, but then he’ll askfor way too much in taxes (even if it’s for essentially good things) and be replaced by a Republican in 2012.

I’ll also add: I am not a democrat. I am not a republican. I am independant. I believe the “2 party system” is inherently un-American because it essentially restricts choice. Sure, Natural Law and Green parties are out there, but they have no MONEY and the system gives them no money. It’s not even footing. Heck, most people don’t even know those parties exist, or ran actual candidates for President! I’m the guy who pretty much believes that anyone who would actually be a GREAT president isn’t STUPID enough to run for President. Why would anyone want their lives raped bare by an uncontrolled gossip happy media during the course of what amounts to a nationwide popularity contest?

Speaking of the media… something needs to be done to require that campaign ads be civil and truthful. Some of the ads aired around here were so amazingly nasty, you’d think they were airing a poetry slam without rhyming. How long until it devolves into this:

“He smells bad.”

“Oh yeah! Well he rapes kitty cats!”

“I Do not!”




Actually, I think they did that in Minnesota… (Franken/Coleman)

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