Innocence Fades

Bright and shiny
hard and cold
twinkling lights hidden
in cloudy skies
and so far away
the naked eye
cannot discern
the shape of all to be

but there it is
always coming
perception is the flavor
sweet or sour
good or bad
placid or evil
life is what you taste it
until the end
always bitter and unfinished

We script it as if
it was the time
we say it’s mysterious
and without rhyme
but we know
childhood is the best
place and time to be

there’s a journey
and there’s an end
it’s just a sin
gone in the wind
swirling onwards
without your

innocence fades from being
soon there will be
nothing left of me
smile and stand
get up and play
take a walk
or two with me
just hold my hand
and sway in the breeze
let us be let us see
let it all be

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