Imbeciles can't comprehend deafness

FACT: Telephones are useless to deaf people. COMPLETELY. UTTERLY. USELESS.

I know of no one with a TTY, so I don’t have one. I don’t pay for a service that doesn’t serve me.

Therefore, I have no telephone.

Now, if you ever do anything that involves being involved with the phone company (say, AT&T’s U-Verse and DSL) the phone company will run around like chickens with their collective noggins lopped off and go to the wrong address because they simply cannot comprehend that ANYONE on this planet has any reason NOT to have a telephone.

For the second time this month, I’ve scheduled AT&T to install their U-Verse service at my house simply because it’s MUCH MUCH cheaper than the Brighthouse service I’ve been paying for ($40/mo cheaper!).

The guy they sent the first time ended up spending 8 hours here trying to install it.
The installer said the wiring inside was inadequate so a new wire needed to be run.
They sent the line installers to the wrong address: My PARENTS HOUSE!
The line installers show up, and then they say “yep, let’s run a new line”. They call the condo assoc for permission… and then the Condo Assoc said NO. AT&T packs up, and I’m left with overpriced Brighthouse until the situation is resolved.

Well, they also said I had to make sure a condo assoc representative was here for the next install attempt, so I was given… a PHONE NUMBER by the condo assoc to call. Yeah.. that helps me. In any case, AT&T arrived here at 10am this morning, and there’s still here. In fact, they have not installed a thing. You’d think they would have learned from the first attempt, but NOOOOO.

The installer this morning determined that there is, in fact, NO PHONE SIGNAL in my house. The phone box had been hijacked, by AT&T itself, to extend a line to one of my neighbor’s condos. Therefore, there was no signal in my house. So, he had to, once again, call the LINE INSTALLERS!

And then, for the umpteenth time in a row… they sent the installers TO THE WRONG HOUSE. They sent the line installers to my PARENTS HOUSE AGAIN! They even told the installer here “You must be at the wrong address”. DUH HUH!?

Why does this happen? Because I *HAD* to give a phone number to complete the order request. Therefore, I gave them my parents phone number. Therefore, when an installer is sent out… despite clearly and completely filling out the address the service would be installed at… they send the installers to THE WRONG ADDRESS.

Now, we’ve been waiting for 3 hours waiting for AT&T to send out a secondary unit who… WENT TO THE WRONG ADDRESS.

Left Hand says: Hello… Right hand? Where you at?

Right Hand doesn’t answer because no one knows where the hell Right Hand is.

I’m still waiting for the line installers to show up. The line installer assigned WENT OFF THE ROAD AND IS STUCK IN A DITCH trying to get from my parents house to here. The primary installer has been sitting outside in a pickup truck on the phone with those idiots trying to get them to the right address.

It’s times like this… I hate being in a world so not made for me. Can’t you non-deaf people PLEASE PLEASE stop proving this statement:

I may be deaf, but I’m not dumb… however, being deaf sure makes a lot of people around me dumb.

(Addenum on AT&T U-Verse install)
In any case… More detail on the installation:
At some point, after the original Tech slid off the road, AT&T called another technician, who then called my parents house again. He asked my mother “Where’s Northville?”

My mom tells him, well.. you know… West Surburb. Canton, Plymouth, Northville, Novi, Walled Lake…

The Tech says “I’ve never heard of these cities… I’m in Addington”

Obviously, My mom says “Where’s Addington?”

Tech: “Illinois”

D-O-H! AT&T called the wrong freaking STATE to assign a tech. Thus, that resulted in another delay as they called for a tech with a bit more geographical continuity.

The technicians finally arrived at 4:30pm and completed a patch line and installed the primary network circuits outside. They used the existing Coax wiring to tie everything together. Apparently, not having a phone is just so weird that barely anyone had ever heard of it. I must be in them there stone ages, yuh huh?

Then, the installer got to work… but nothing would work correctly. It turns out… the boxes he was given to install were keyed for another customer in the condo complex, yet they had MY name on them. The boxes were already pre-assigned to the other customers circuits. Therefore, he had to obtain a second set of boxes to install, and THEN call AT&T support to re-setup my account in accordance with the new boxes. Midway through this process… his cellphone died. This apparently was major because he could not just call back the support person he was on with. He had to use a second cellphone and call the support center again and restart the ENTIRE PROCESS with another support person. Midway through that call, they found out the circuit was not properly setup, so the circuit had to be reset up for the support guy to enter the account information, so they reset up the circuit again. All in all, this process took almost 4 hours.

At 8:45pm, both the network connection and TV worked at the same time. The guy worked from 10am till almost 9pm that day on the installation, and almost all of the time was spent waiting for other people to do their jobs.

However… the installer did NOT give me my account login! We set this stuff over the phone, so I had my “security” questions. However, I did NOT have the account. I fiddled around with the box and found my account was listed while trying to play “Yahoo Games” through the box. Specifically, Chess. It listed my AT&T account/email!

I was able to use that as the login, go through the security questions and reset the password. Viola! Now I can access my billing AND access the web guide so I can set the DVR to record online. Cool feature, but I still had to essentially crack my own account to access this stuff…

The aftermath is that the U-Verse service is pretty snappy. I like the way it’s working, and I can DVR 4 programs at once. It’s slick, but I fear for it’s stability because apparently it’s running Windows… The Internet connection is reasonably fast, and doesn’t lag like the Bright House cable did. Bright House handled by equipment return well (i.e. no hassle). I have no problem with the company other than their exorbiant prices.

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