I miss…

I’ve now gone over a month without hearing much of anything, which seems like an excellent time to reflect on sounds I miss…

I miss voices. Real voices. Not the ones my mind makes up.

I miss the sound of running water. Faucets. Creeks. Waves on the shore.

I miss the sound of my nephew’s laughter and giggles.

I miss music. A soundtrack other than my own.

I miss the aural squinting of trying to hear what you’re saying.

August 6th, I get evaluated for a cochlear implant. I’m kinda hoping they say yes…

I think the lack of sound is upsetting my head. I’m kinda light headed lately. While on vacation, we were in the pool at a hotel. I need a “hand stand and roll” in the pool… and when I rolled upside down, I felt an immense dizzy wave wash over me. Ugh.

I miss walking around without pain. I miss even being able to walk fast. Jog a little.

I miss riding my bike SO much. I miss walking around the store.

I miss NOT having the use a freaking cane.

I miss NOT being stared at whenever I go somewhere. I’m like a freaking celebrity. I’m not Brad Pitt. Really. Stop looking at me just because I’m using a Knee Walker.



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