I LOVE these moments…

This morning, I went out to the desk and there’s an angry Chinese man with a strong accent demanding that I provide his son with headphones.

Then, I couldn’t understand what he said as he was pointing at his daughter. I said “I’m sorry, what else?” and she’s shoving a library card at me. While he’s trying to say something, I indicate by pointing from my ear to my mouth that I’m deaf, and cannot understand him. This works for most people, but… not this guy. So anyhow I assume she’s asking how to use the library card, so I explain how to use the library card to sign in. The guy then finally speaks clearly and says, “What hell matter with you? you deaf?”

I then pulled out one of my hearing aids, held it up like a prize winning trout and said “yes sir, as a matter of fact, I am”.

I *LOVE* those moments.

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